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Piasau Camp is located about 5 km north of Miri City Centre in the suburb of Piasau, on the beach side of Miri River. Piasau Nature Reserve was previously part of the Piasau Camp, an area owned by Sarawak Shell Berhad (SSB). Driven strong public support, PNR was gazetted on 31st December 2013. Following the gazettement, SSB agreed to undertake the cost of demolishing old buildings at the site.

The demolition works were carried out in three phases starting in December 2014 and PNR was formally handed over to SFC on 17th May 2016 in a simple handing-over ceremony after all the demolition works had been completed.

Facilities such as trails for cycling and jogging will be gradually developed at the Nature Reserve subsequent to the handing-over. Apart from that, SFC has also outlined nature restoration and recreation development initiatives to further develop PNR. ‘Bring Back the Rainforest’ Project is part of the bigger nature restoration initiative where various native plant species would be planted on the barren areas in PNR. The establishment and development of PNR could be translated into the following flowchart:

1950 – Construction of Piasau School (now Hornbill House)

1951 – Construction of Piasau Wooden Bungalows

1956 – Construction of Piasau Bridge

1973 – 1981 – Construction of T70’s and T73’s & “Bachelor quarters”

1983 – Construction of Piasau Boat Club

  2008 – Construction of the former Tenby International School

2013 – Gazettement of Piasau Nature Reserve

2014 – Piasau Nature Reserve’s Earth Breaking Ceremony and demolition works started

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