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Zone 1: Wilderness


Rehabilitation Activities.
Uses under strict supervision by Sarawak Forestry.

Not Allowable:

Open public access.

These zones shall be of primary habitat restoration

Zone 2: Recreational Protection


Natural trials.
Exploration activities.

Not Allowable:

Large group activities.
Vehicular access (except for the park management & services).

These zones allow for more recreational access. Bird watching, day hikes, educational walks, and the likes are encouraged.

Zone 3: Visitor Corridor


Walking and cycling.
Large group activities.
Recreational uses.

Not Allowable:

Loud activities.
Off paved vehicular activities.
Open fires.

Facilities Includes:

Visitor centre.
Parking bay.
ADA accessible facilities.
Zones of forest rehabilitation for more active recreational uses e.g. Picnicking, family activities.
Children’s playground.

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